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How we deal with a Neuroinvasive Virus!

Neuro Invasive Viruses:
West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, Covid, Chicken Pox and Mononucleosis

The Neuro Invasion nut shell

Neuro Invasive means viruses crack open the major nerve centers, especially the Vagus Nerve, and then set up shop for a long term invasive stay in the nervous system. (Blog Info)

The cytokine storm they create during the first wave of illness depletes your entire stores of Manganese as it is the element that induces Interferon production. 

What happens  

The Neuro Invasion

  • erodes the strength of the immune system
  • creates viral relapse like events with reemergent symptoms
  • targets organs
  • creates long chronic conditions

The Cytokine Storm depleting Manganese

  • leaves the body vulnerable to Oxidative Stress (Blog Info)
  • leads to Mast Cell Disorder (Blog Info)
  • leaves the body vulnerable to Autoimmune conditions
  • and so much more ...

The OHM easy fix...

How easy?

In the acute phase, we want you to hit the viral neuro invasion as hard as possible and hopefully prevent long or chronic conditions. Mineral replenishment is key to a robust recovery. Maintaining a high micronutrient content in your body is undisputed for continued immune vitality. 

...Acute or Chronic


...Update Autumn 2023

As variants become more virulent and prevalent we suggest for a strong immune system protection and quick recovery; 


Our science based plan and easy approach works while acutely sick or if chronic with a busy modern lifestyle. To understand each product we encourage a read on each. Also, within the Healing Space there are easy read blogs with more information.

~We hope these heal all they touch  

 Vagus Sum Topical Mineral

Vagus Viral

Pulse Mineral Blend

Pulse Aloe

Elements Bath

Elements Aloe


Severe Topical


Brain Gain





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