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The Story of Ohm


The Beginning 

After several serious illnesses, in search of wellness, our founder, Ruth Findlay, traveled to mineral springs and thermal baths everywhere and anywhere. Germany and Saratoga Springs topped the list. The more often she was able to bathe and soak, the healthier and stronger she became. With each bath she absorbed more minerals, healthy pulsing minerals, each bath healing one meridian, one organ, one vital system at a time. This process, Mineral Medicine, made the difference in Ruth just being "well" to becoming a spirited energetic being once again.                               

Meet the Founder

 Our Founder

Ruth is a Geo Chemist by education and has studied for years theories of ancient eastern medical practices with the guidance of Dr. Heiner Fruehauf. Understanding crystal/mineral structure and their chemical composition, learning the crystal/mineral's individual vibration effects on Meridians and the body seemed only natural. Not usually recognized or debunked in scientific circles, is Mineral Vibration. Atoms in each mineral’s crystal structure bump together, in a certain frequency, creating an unique vibration. With Dr. Fruehauf's help, Ruth began to understand how these vibrations affected the meridians and their relationship to organs and health.

"Make these baths as Nature has one mineral at a time".

Deep in the earth, mineral water travels upward through rocks and crevices grabbing bits and pieces of each mineral on its route to the surface. Mineral spring waters are unique to each location depending on the subsurfaces mineral content.  (More)

"Mimic the water"

Ruth started with Blue Calcite a gentle calcium carbonate and a great starting mineral for everyone. She ground it into a fine mineral/crystal powder, put a dash into my bath ... It was amazing! Next, she needed to create a complex mineral bath. 

The Research 

Ruth researched the detailed geology of Germany and Upstate NY. She would need to blend the mineral powder to match the mineral content of the geology and chemistry of the water in these areas. She started with whole minerals/crystals rocks to make sure they were pure, not dyed and reduced them to powder. Ruth then formulated and balanced them by chemical formula, crystal structure, hardness and their pulsing effects on the meridians and body. By using these pure minerals in a fine powder format they would infuse the water. Ruth was then able to capture most of the healing properties of ancient famous baths and springs.

The Medicine 

Applying theories of ancient eastern medical practitioners to many mineral/crystals, Ruth created Ohm baths and topical formulas that pulse the meridians in a certain way to heal. She found, like acupuncture, raising, toning, draining etc organs with these minerals many common health issues can be resolved in a non oral, skin absorbing, format. 

The Passion Ruth has loved developing Ohm's formulas, Baths, Topicals and now Mineral Diffusing Blends. Most products were developed for the needs of friends, family and the Pugs of Ohm. She tests all of her products on herself or on the Pugs of Ohm. Her mission is her passion, help anyone and everyone, for whatever reason, regain their energy and wellness. Ohm brings home, natures healing minerals in multiple formats to suit everyone.

The Earth's minerals are Mother Nature's precious medicine, organic, vital and life giving. 

Hope these heal all they touch,

♥︎ Ohm

Our products are developed under the guidance of Dr. Heiner Fruehauf, a world-renowned professor of holistic medicine at National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.




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