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About OHM

In search of Vitality  

In her quest for well-being, Ruth Findlay, OHM's founder experienced the power of mineral springs and thermal baths and recognized the frequency of bathing and chemical content as keys to robust health. In 2017, she established OHM, Only Healing Minerals, leading to the development of her Patented process

epiVibe®  Patented Process 

Our core belief: Absorbing minerals through the skin is the most perfect and efficient way to receive micronutrients into the system.                             

Meet the Founder 

 Our Founder

Ruth, a geochemist, has studied ancient Eastern medical practices under the guidance of Dr. Heiner Fruehauf. OHM is a compilation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Metaphysical Medical Folklore, and Western Medical Study. Ruth's  meta-analysis continues to advance her theories of healing into practice.

The Back Story

 The Earth's crust provides us with essential elements found in stones, gemstones, minerals, and crystals. Mineral water forms as water traversing the Earth's substrata, gathering particles of minerals before reaching the surface. Local geology uniquely mineralizes spring water's chemistry, determining its healing properties.   (More) 

In Europe, specifically Germany, a stay of three weeks at a mineral bath spa is often prescribed by health officials after a severe illness. These actions legitimize the healing power of absorbing mineral particles through the skin. 



Ruth began OHM after studying geology and water chemistry in Germany and Upstate NY. She ground and blended minerals into fine powder to replicate this geology and chemistry. These finely ground powders were perfect for the infusion into bath water, capturing the healing properties of the mineral springs.

The Medicine 

OHM's unique and Patented modalities, "Mineral Bath Blends," Just.Add.Aloe, "Topical Blends," and K-9 Topical Blends, are finely ground mineral powder formats which utilize skin absorption to deliver micronutrients to the body. Just.Add.Aloe, for non-bathers, is Aloe gel + mineral powder which mimics a mineral bath.  K-9 Topical Blends are an easy-to-use treatment for pet owners, applied through the fur to the skin.

The alternative mineral products developed by OHM have elevated Ruth's concepts into modern practice centering on chronic conditions and emphasizing the importance of supplementing with natural, unaltered minerals. 

OHM produces an immense variety of regenerative mineral powders. Blend design and architecture takes into consideration the complex mineralogy and property intensification when in powder form. Afterwards, each formula is balanced by mineral chemistry, rate of absorption, assimilation, stone hardness, and the interdependency of electrophysiological and biosynthesis functions. 
These non-oral external therapeutics are absorbed through the skin, healing within the boundaries of patients’ modern lifestyles. The products retain natural mineral properties to produce extraordinary health benefits. 

"We propose that processed mineral supplements, with their individual element nutrients, significantly lose their ability to co-factor enzymes and encourage neuronal impulses."  

Ruth educates medical professionals and health practitioners on the functions of micronutrients contained in gems, minerals, and crystals. Her complex and intricate mineral formulations provide restorative, non-oral, external therapeutics that retain the electrophysiological and biosynthesis functions of each mineral. They are able to cofactor enzymes, encourage health on a cellular level, and improve the nervous and immune systems as well as nerve impulses. Ruth continues to create and expand innovative mineral supplementations for humans and animals. 

Earth's minerals are Mother Nature's most precious medicines.

Hope these heal all they touch,

♥︎ Ohm



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