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Everything and more about Mineral Water & Mineral Baths

Mineral Water   

min·er·al wa·ter   noun   water found in nature with some dissolved mineral particulate present.     

Ohm's Holistic Mineral Baths are designed to mimic Mother Nature's mineral waters. Mineral Water is water with mineral particulate present. If you are curious as to the "How does it work?" read on ... we thought we'd give you a science, healing and a selfcare lesson all in one.  


Every place on earth has it's own geology. Geology, meaning what minerals are present beneath and on the surface, such as what makes that regions soil, dirt, rocks and below surface formations unique. We won't get into how they got there in this post we will just start with they are there now.


"the study of water on the Earth's surface and beneath the surface of the Earth, the occurrence and movement of water, the physical and chemical properties of water" 


These studies combined are the basis mineral water, how it forms and an individual water's mineral content, unique to a region. To make a very long study short... Water travels through a regions mineral rock formations beneath the surface through cracks and crevices. As it passes through these cracks and crevices, the water picks up tiny particles of each mineral it comes in contact with, mineralizing the water. The mineral content is judged in "parts per million", ppm. (1 ppm a mineral represents 1 part of mineral in 1 million parts of water.) Depending on the region, water undergoes through this process for thousands of years below the surface of the earth.  

Thermal Mineral Water

Thermal springs and spas are common all over the world. These springs are warm to very hot mineral water that has mineralized itself for thousands of years. For example, Old Faithful is an active very hot thermal spring that rises to the surface forcefully. The thermal waters in Germany travel through its geology and rise to the surface without such force. If the hydrology of the water takes it very close to the earth's deep molten rock (1300ºF-2400ºF) the mineral water becomes very hot and rises to the surface with or without a lot of force. 


Cold Springs Mineral Water

Colds Springs are usually found along a fault line (a giant crack in the earth's surface) where the mineral water pours to the surface. The waters travel through the region's subsurface minerals for years. A great example of this type of mineral springs are the springs near Saratoga NY. The Saratoga area is famous for its many healing mineral springs as each have a varied mineral content due to the changeable geology along the McGregor fault line running through the area.

Minerals vs Crystals 

Oddly, most people do not realize minerals and crystals are one in the same. Mistaken sometimes for an only being exotic metaphysical charms, crystals are actually just pure minerals. Crystals are usually beautiful, large well formed pure minerals. Hold on, this is where science meets metaphysical ... Atoms in all minerals crystals bump into each other. The atoms bump into each other at a specific frequency for each mineral. Held in a hand, some people can feel this frequent bumping together, it is called "vibration". The frequency of the vibrations are unique to every mineral. Those who feel the vibration are very lucky. 

Modern Life

There a lot of us who are deficient in minerals and trace minerals. Some chronic health conditions come on due to lack of these minerals. Our immune systems are dependent on and need these minerals to be strong and robust. Our over farmed lands, over processed foods and depleted water are not a viable source of the minerals our bodies need. 

Now Back to Mineral Water

Soaking in mineral springs, cold or thermal, allow the body to absorb these minerals and their natural vibrations through the skin. Each spring has a unique mineral content, such as extra lithium, extra magnesium, or a little more manganese depending on the region's geology. For some people soaking in these waters can be life changing. These various mineral waters can heal, energize, strengthen and de-stress.

 In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the small intestine and skin pair with each other, simply meaning, both absorb healing nutrients. The skin was designed by Mother Nature to take in minerals for the body to use. We like transdermal means of replenishing minerals because they are non-invasive and satisfying. 

Where Ohm Comes In 

Mineral spring water is not available everywhere. If you have some in your neighborhood you are in luck, have stuck gold and are blessed. For the rest of us, we can buy a bottle or two to drink but it is prohibitively costly to actually soak in it. This is where Ohm comes into this blog post (finally). We studied the known healthiest mineral waters backwards and forwards. We soaked in them and healed from them. To break it down we delved deeply into the region's geology, hydrology and the water chemistry of these healthy springs to create our baths. 

(repeat) We source pure mineral crystals from around the world. Some of our sources are located near our favorite mineral springs which makes our baths as authentic as possible. We turn these pure minerals into powder, mix them together to match the chemistry of the mineral content of various famous spa spring water. When using one of our bath formulas, it only takes a tiny amount of this powder to populate bath water with minerals (ppm). This suspension of minerals in an Ohm bath mimics what takes Mother Nature thousands of years to create. In only a few minutes you can take a soaking bath in what is an "as close to authentic as it comes" spa mineral water bath in your own bathtub. Healing and Selfcare the Ohm way. 

We must share our disclaimer that we are not medical practitioners  and cannot give medical advice. Crystals used for healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. For external use only. 

♥︎ Ohm


  • This Blog Is So Informative. Thank You for Sharing Such a Nice Information About Mineral Water

  • As a Reiki Master/Energy Healer and an advocate of natural healing I’m always on the lookout for holistic remedies to enhance my health and that of others. For the last few months I’ve been having trouble sleeping. I’ve tried a few remedies, some worked better than others. It was a friend who send me a sample of PULSE. I enjoy a soak at night before bed so I was more than happy to try it out. I had an amazing, restful night’s sleep! I’ve ordered some and can’t wait to receive it! I look forward to trying some of the other products! This is awesome!

    Constance M. Stephenson
  • I was a “never bather” until I read some information about the benefits of mineral baths, building bones etc. As I cannot travel due to work I was forced to take baths in Ohm mineral baths at home. Now I am totally addicted, I cannot wait to sink into my bath most nights. I feel energized and healthy. I know I am having positive physical effects because I have tons of new hair growth. I love Elements and SpringH20 for a basic bath and Moon & Sun to raise my energy and Vibration"

    Ellen S
  • I honestly cannot get enough of these baths! The newest formula Tranquil is sooo relaxing. Its amazing!

    Vanessa Grigg
  • I cannot believe how well Sun and Moon Healing Mineral Bath works! It works on all the stuff the description says! Your stomach and it gives you energy, but helps you rest! Even if you don’t take tub baths, you can soak your feet and benefit. Just amazing!!!

    Vanessa Grigg

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