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The Vagus Trilogy: The Rest of the Study

In the Wellness community, everyone is talking about the Vagus Nerve. We asked ourselves why and believe we have found the answer.

The Vagus Nerve is almost everything! It is the indispensable body-brain connection that controls vital aspects of autonomic physiology like breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, and gut motility, reflexes like cough and swallowing. If it is not working properly, it is a big problem. 

Let's begin with the communication between the gut and the brain, the Gut-Brain Axis. Study after study shows this relationship to be a hotbed for disease if a disruption occurs. As research evolves, more and more chronic conditions and diseases are pegged to this relationship, Parkinson’s, ADHD, IBS, anxiety, depression, migraines, etc. Practitioners, commonly, treat with a hardy replenishment of gut microbe to improve the Axis. We agree many need this repopulation, and there may be improvements to chronic conditions. In the end, most of those with chronic conditions are left still "managing" symptoms.

Gut-Brain Axis: What if we take a deep dive and look at the Gut-Brain Axis in a different way, not in the repopulation way but at the communication itself, the link between the brain and the gut? The Vagus Nerve is a giant electrical cable linking the brain to the organs, the gut included; if damaged, the electricity goes down, and communication problems happen. Healthy communication within the Vagal-mediated neuronal circuits is imperative for the digestive system's ability to absorb nutrients and complete other functions. Instead of the repopulation-based approach, we focused on communication repair to improve the Axis. 

(Updated) Neurodegenerative Disease: Recently, the science and medical community have produced studies linking weak or injured Vagus Nerves to many common neurodegenerative conditions, mostly connected to the gut-brain axis. They lean their thoughts to the gut causing the communication issues. It is our opinion, a weak or injured Vagal sensory neurons are unable to communicate and support function of critical organs and body functions. Recognizing the cause of a weak or injured Vagus Nerve is more than likely from an external source creating neuronal mineral depletion that can be reversed. It is also our opinion, using unprocessed minerals directly onto the VagusNerve and other cranial is the best approach to restore proper Vagal functional impulses.  

Airway functions: Vagal sensory neurons detect threats and initiate protective reflexes such as cough, swallowing, vocal cord adduction, and laryngeal closure. Additionally, vagal sensory neurons may detect pathogens to evoke immune responses, airway hyper-reactivity, sickness behaviors, and pain (sore throat). This function may also overreact if the Vagus is damaged after a neuroinvasive viral illness or extreme stress, and the hyper-reactivity can become chronic. 

Cardiovascular Functions: Vagal sensory neurons in the cardiovascular system ensure all tissues are supplied with oxygenated blood. The Vagus provides sensory innervation of the heart, aorta, and other vessels below the diaphragm, with cardiac branches stemming off the main vagal trunk reaching the heart and pulmonary vessels. A branch, the aortic depressor nerve, accesses the aortic arch, the right subclavian artery with the common carotid artery, and the hepatic branch providing innervation of blood vessels in the liver.  The neuronal sensation of blood flow is in the vagal nerve branches, the carotid sinus nerve, and the aortic depressor nerve providing differential reporting of blood flow to the brain and body. Without proper neuronal sensation, the cardiovascular system becomes weak. 

Anxiety, Stress & PTSD: Studies show as chronic stress and acute anxieties increase, Vagal activity decreases, which can increase fight-or-flight stress responses. As the responses increase in volume and intensity, the Vagal neuronal activity decreases the snowball effect. Other anxiety-related issues can also occur. Accordingly, as the responses intensify, the desire to retreat does also. 

Vagal Tone: In some wellness communities, the term, Vagal Tone, is used as a measurement of wellness. Technically, Vagal tone is a clinical measure to indicate overall levels of vagal activity but is actually measured indirectly through heart rate variability. Vagal Tone has never been directly measured, leading to disagreements in its interpretation and may be influencing the effectiveness of vagal therapies.

Communication is bidirectional between the organs and the brain. Poor communication creates serious problem in the gut and other organs. Studies note that Vagal health with low communication is the contributing factor to many chronic illnesses. Until now, recommendations to improve Vagal health were limited to Electric Stimulation, ES, and relaxation techniques, including meditation and grounding. These existing recommendation are limited in effectiveness and temporary in nature. ES may cause undesirable side effects.  

As a new approach, we created the mineral blends, Vagus Sum, Vagus Sum EX, and Vagus Viral, conditioning electrophysiological impulses of the Vagus and cranial nerves with topical micronutrients. Through our analysis of studies combined with metaphysical folklore medicine, we formulated these blends to improve neuronal impulses and the neural immune system. Each blend includes a layered approach providing complex physiological nutrition to vagal health. We believe these blends to be regenerative to the nerve fibers, soothe injuries, and provide energy or Qi building. Our unique finishing layer is grounding to the nerve ensuring healthy electrical neuronal circuits between the brain, the organs and beyond. 

We recommend beginning with gentle Vagus Sum with slow graduation to Vagus SumEX. Vagus Viral may be added as viral protection is needed, use at the first sign or exposure or symptoms. 

Hope these heal all they touch~ 


*We will update this blog as new applications and research presents. 



  • “Two things: First, the OHM minerals for Vagus nerve are miraculous! The first 2 days right after application, I had lots of pain go to the clavicle on the surgery side but it went away in 20 minutes or so – after the second day, the tendon or nerve pain in my forearm and hand diminished, and today is barely noticeable. Not only that, but the Schisandra Dreams, and I imagine combined with the Adrenal Balance, have given me a full night’s sleep since I started taking them. This has not happened for me but rarely for years, but totally impossible since the surgery. Thank you soooo much!”

    Client Testimonial
  • I have been using this formula for about 6 weeks. I have had C-PTSD and viral illness that caused vagal nerve irritation and this really has helped. Love this formula. Thankful for it.

    Vanessa Kaye Grigg

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