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PSORIASIS: It is not just skin deep

Psoriasis: It is not just skin deep

At Ohm, we understand a few things very well, Mast Cell Disorder Syndrome, Oxidative Stress, Vagal health, Immunity, and Autoimmune conditions. What do these things have to do with Psoriasis? In our opinion, everything. 

You’ve tried everything

Well, maybe not. We offer a modern philosophy of ancient healing wisdom. 

Our core belief: Absorbing minerals through the skin is the most perfect and efficient way to receive micronutrients into the system"

So now we have said it. We ask you to put mineral powder onto the skin, absorb the micronutrients, and turn your system into a well-greased healthy machine. What then? Better everything, including your skin. 

What came first, the chicken or the egg?  

How did you get here? We are not judging because life has its strife, and everyone’s strife is unique. We believe this is a reasonable guess: 

Life ➞ Life’s Stresses ➞ Viruses ➞ poor Vagal Nerve health ➞ poor Immunity ➞ Oxidative Stress ➞ Mast Cell Disorder ➞ Autoimmunity ➞ later, possible Neurodegenerative conditions

You get the gist, the onset, and the progression of the body’s system malfunctions or failures and psoriasis. You may need to heal from the inside out.

“Psoriasis presents as multiple inflammatory processes. (1) Psoriasis is a prevalent, chronic inflammatory disease of the skin.” (2) “In recent recognition, numerous co-morbidities and other autoimmune and inflammatory disorders are associated with psoriasis.” 

The Fix is in! 

Our Healing Space posts are easy reads and are informative deep dives into health issues needed to understand our current thinking on psoriasis—no need to repost the science and information here. 

“The Vagus Trilogy: The rest of the study”

“Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (Disorder). Oxidative Stress. Why do they matter?”

Psoriasis: Our current thinking

Let’s be honest, you did not get here overnight, so it may take a bit to resolve these issues. The great news is you will feel better, healthier, and more energetic very quickly! Our product systems are quick and easy to use. We have streamlined our recommendations for use within modern lifestyles. We like to remind you if you don’t use the minerals, they don’t work. 😁

Daily morning routine: Before dressing, Immunology Mineral Blend + Aloe Gel- full body, Brain Gain- a smear on the forehead, and Vagus Sum- apply on the neck. Streamlined with time in mind, these 3 things should take max 38 seconds to do. 🚫🚫ITCH in Aloe on psoriasis, maybe an additional 8 seconds. 

Night routine: Before bed, Replenish Mineral Blend + Aloe Gel- full body. 


Immunology and Replenish Mineral Blends- Expertly crafted with oxidative stress, inflammation, immune system and autoimmune conditions in mind. They contain a balanced set of minerals, rich in Lithium, Strontium, and with elevated % of Manganese. Use as alternating as a bath 3-4x/Week or both Daily-apply full body mixed in aloe. 

Vagus Sum - If you want to “fix” a plethora of conditions, this is it! If you have not read the above-listed blog post about our Vagus Trilogy, you may want to take the time to do it now. Use Vagus 1x/Day 

Neuro Impulse - Graduate to Neuro Impulse in addition to Vagus Sum. Use in the morning with Immunology. 

🚫 ITCH- Created with skin immunity and the nervous system in focus, 🚫 ITCH is rich in Zinc in a base of histamine-fighting micronutrients. 

Transform- A 5 week program on the gut and outwards calms inflammation plus creates a great base aloe for 🚫 ITCH if needed to apply on inflamed skin.


Brain Gain - “Brain Game Changer” for brain fog due to illness or age. Use 4 to 7x/Week

Madness - Anxiety, especially acute anxiety. Drop in your purse, car console, or desk. Use when needed on the back of the neck. 

Stillness - Anxiety, great for a dosing at night. At bedtime, use on the spine as often as needed.  

~Hope these heal all they touch

We must share our disclaimer that we are not medical practitioners and cannot give medical advice. Crystals used for healing should be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. For external use only. 

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