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Transform 🦋 HyperAllergic & Mast Cell Sensitivity • Topical Blend
Transform 🦋 HyperAllergic & Mast Cell Sensitivity • Topical Blend
Transform 🦋 HyperAllergic & Mast Cell Sensitivity • Topical Blend
Transform 🦋 HyperAllergic & Mast Cell Sensitivity • Topical Blend

Transform 🦋 HyperAllergic & Mast Cell Sensitivity • Topical Blend

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   GI 🦋 Inflammation 🦋 Lymphatic

Transform, the layers. Transform's complex design transcends, repairs, and harmonizes, layer by layer. A fusion of science and Metaphysical Philosophy, it is an easy-to-use deeply transformational process when...   

  • The first layer; the skin, reactive and hived, or dermatitis 
  • The second layer; lymphatic, congested, sluggish, and full
  • The third and deepest layer; organs are constricted, hyperreactive, or slow 


Ohm recognizes the difference between system inflammation and gut population provided by probiotic supplementation. Many with a strongly populated gut continue to have unexplained chronic inflammatory and hyperallergic conditions which could be Mast Cell disorder. Symptoms thought to be "managed", usually are not.   

Mast Cell Activation Disorder, HyperAllergic Sensitivity, and Oxidative Stress create the perfect chronic condition triad assaulting all the layers. Way too simply put, an overload of Oxidative Stress damages the Mast Cell at a molecular level creating a host of autoimmune, degenerative, and severe allergic responses throughout the layers of the body. Prolonged activation results in chronic and difficult to reverse conditions. (9-16) 


What it does...

Within the bounds of science and studies, micronutrients are known to improve body systems, the layers...

Manganese Mn - Rhodonite
  • Eliminates oxidative stress, free radicals, and inflammation  
  • *cofactor for collagen synthesis, ensuring absorption and tissue repair (2,3,4,5) and for the enzyme SOD, SuperOxide Dismutase to remove oxidation(4)(7)(8)
Lithium Li - Lepidolite and Blue Tourmaline
  • Calms nervous system from continual mast cell allergic assaults 
  • Reduces mast cell sensitivity in the nervous system (6)


How it works...

Created by abstract thought and subject, the first principles of restoration are ultimately bound by ancient philosophies and substances. Attuning and stabilizing natural patterns within the layers brings the body back into harmony.


The Metaphysical Philosophy... Blended Blues & Violets

Blue Tourmaline 

  • Lessens chronic upper respiratory sensitivities  (Franks pg 271)
  • Relieves constriction and promotes healthy movement in the third layer (organ)
  • Soothes nervousness and stress that cause chronic hyperallergic response


  • Strengthens nervous system 
  • Relieves chronic viral destruction & oxidative stress 
  • Relieves hyperallergic Inflammation created by stress
  • Extreme hardness - slows degeneration adding stability to treatments


  • Energizes the third layer, upper sensory organs
  • Improves chronic hyperallergic sensitivities  (Franks pg 416) 
  • A member of Zoisite group; inspires healing of exhaustive stress disorders.

Caesium Cs- Rhodizite

  • Cesium, Cs is the dominant micronutrient in Rhodizite
  • Cesium atom's high frequency is 9,192,631,770 cycles per second
  • Adds High frequency to the blend


The Un-complicated process...

Like all Ohm products, Transform is an external use mineral blend supplement. To ensure even distribution, the suggested use is in a suspension of Aloe Gel. With a quick ꩜ stroke of the mineral blended gel, it sinks into the skin, the first layer, drying quickly. As the application spiral expands with time, center outward ꩜, each layer un-damages gradually in continuity. 


Add 10-15 scoops to 8oz Aloe Gel. Stir well. Pump and apply 1-2x/Day. Below is a suggested schedule, slowly working from the center outward. 

  • ꩜ Week1-2 ~ Abdomen
  • ꩜ Week 3-4 ~ Abdomen + Chest + Biceps
  • ꩜ Week 5 ~ Abdomen + Chest + Biceps + Inner thighs

Blog Post - A great resource on these conditions

Blog Post - Allergy Relief for Everyone 👣 & 🐾

.125oz  |  Fuchsite, Lepidolite, Rhodozite, Tanzanite, Rhodonite, Indicolite Blue Tourmaline,  Sapphire, & other Crystals + 8oz Aloe Pump Jar (Aloe not included unless specified)

These products were developed under the guidance of Dr Heiner Fruehauf, a world-renowned professor of holistic medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

We must share our disclaimer that we are not medical practitioners and cannot give medical advice. Crystals used for healing should be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. For external use only. 

♥︎ Ohm 


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