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How to Get Your Collagen to Work!

How to Get Your Collagen to Work!

You’re taking a Collagen supplement and did the homework for a highly-recommended supplement. You’ve read many articles about collagen oral supplements and how they can significantly improve skin hydration and elasticity as well as improve the condition of muscle, cartilage, bone, and tendons.(1)  

These benefits are not disputed. Literally, thousands and thousands of articles have been written on the subject of collagen. Wellness and Nutrition professionals have weighed in on the subject from numerous benefits, noting collagen types (I, II, and III), and collagen sources, bovine and marine. The information goes on and on. 

Is your Collagen really working for you?

For some people, collagen works wonders. However, many people report that their months of collagen supplementation aren’t doing the trick. They’re still having issues with joint health and injury recovery and fail to see skin and hair health improvements. 

Here’s the skinny; Collagen must be incorporated holistically with specific minerals for proper absorption. Let’s start with the basic chemistry of collagen and absorption in order to understand the best way to reap the benefits. 

The Break Down on Collagen; Collagen Synthesis

Collagen supplements, Collagen Hydrolysate or Collagen Peptides, are natural collagen processed through hydrolysis to break it down. While natural collagen from food relies on the enzymes in the body to break it down, Collagen Hydrolysate is partially broken down to assist digestion for better absorption.

Collagen in The Bloodstream; The Chemistry

Collagen in the bloodstream is a unique amino acid named Hydroxyproline, also known as Proline. Hydroxyproline is created when Prolidase, an enzyme, cleaves the peptide bond. (5) When using a collagen supplement, studies show a large increase of Hydroxyproline in the bloodstream.(2)  Obviously, the more Hydroxyproline in the bloodstream, the greater the chances for beneficial effects on hair, skin, and joints. 

The Missing Link: How does Hydroxyproline form?

The Known's... 

  • Collagen Supplement is Collagen Hydrolysate or Collagen Peptides
  • Prolidase is the enzyme which breaks down Collagen
  • "The Missing Link"
  • Hydroxyproline is the metabolically changed molecule found in the bloodstream  

Collagen Hydrolysate does not become Hydroxyproline to be absorbed by just going “Poof”! Collagen Hydrolysate is broken down by Prolidase, which needs a “cofactor” necessary to the function to complete the task of breaking down the molecule;  ”the missing link,” in this case, what is the cofactor? 

We did some digging, and as we expected, there is another element to this process that has not been addressed in collagen supplements or in most articles. 

"Metabolically, the process requires amino acid precursors, as well as various trace minerals, vitamins, and oxygen as cofactors. However, the question of whether the administration of certain nutrients can specifically enhance collagen synthesis or lead to improved outcomes continues to be unanswered." (3)

“The Missing Link” Solved

Studies show Manganese, Mn, a trace element micronutrient, IS the cofactor or helper for prolidase to function properly (6) to break down the Collagen Peptides into Hydroxyproline to become usable in the bloodstream. Mn is also the cofactor for other enzymes necessary for a healthy body. 

Great. Just add Manganese: But Wait...Here is the problem

Unanswered is correct because supplementing Manganese is difficult. Studies show micronutrients, like Manganese, taken orally, are not well absorbed in the small intestine. (7) So, what is the alternative?

Transdermal absorption

Since ancient times, people have soaked in mineral water, absorbed  minerals through the skin, for wellness and medicinal purposes. European studies show benefits of mineral water for reducing stress and improving health-related issues because of the micronutrient influx. “Enteral (small intestine absorption) micronutrient supplementation may seem like a reasonable strategy to augment absorption, but a number of biochemical and physiologic barriers exist that limit this strategy." (8) Meaning certain micronutrients do not absorb well taken as oral supplements, and another type of supplementation is needed. 

The Fix Is In: Absorb Manganese Through Your Skin!

Soaking in a natural mineral bath or spring containing Manganese would be a fantastic way to solve this problem. However, sadly, most of us do not live near mineral spas. 

Another solution is an Ohm mineral-rich, Manganese-focused mineral bath blend for home use. Our blends are created with nano sized mineral powder which is absorbed by the skin. We created blends which are focused on raising Manganese in the system. Our Manganese rich mineral baths are also available in full-body non-bath solutions.  

We want to be clear

For your collagen supplement to work well, you need to supplement Manganese with absorption through the skin. It is that simple. 

The Products

Pulse Just.Add.Aloe All the benefits of a mineral bath applied, full body, in a few seconds. Pulse Mineral Blend has a more generous supply of Manganese than Elements Mineral Blend.

Pulse Mineral Bath The original Pulse Mineral Blend. Reap the benefits of Manganese and other wonderful micronutrients soaking 3-4 nights a week. Pulse Mineral Blend has a more generous supply of Manganese than Elements Mineral Blend.


Elements Just.Add.Aloe All the benefits of a mineral bath applied, full body, in a few seconds. Elements Mineral Blend contains more Calcium than Pulse Mineral Blend. 

Elements Mineral Bath The original Elements Mineral Blend. Reap the benefits of Manganese and other wonderful micronutrients soaking 3-4 nights a week. Elements Mineral Blend has a more calcium than Pulse Mineral Blend.
GO-TO Topical Blend A high Manganese topical blend allow direct application Manganese where it is needed or adding to your bath or aloe. 
Other Manganese products available: Flourish+ Garnet Mineral Bath, J.A.D.E. Topical Blend, and Knuckles&Knees Topical Blend

~Hope these heal all they touch


Ruth Findlay is a geochemist and wellness specialist focusing on rebalancing the body by addressing mineral deficiencies. 

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