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Hematite "Heal one's self from the wounds of the world"

       Hematite  Fe2O Iron Oxide

Hematite bestows energy, vitality and liveliness. Hematite grounds us and helps mend that which is broken.  Hematite is the heaviest stone used in stone medicine and is highly charged due to its iron content. (Franks p314) Hematite absorbs the very nature of illness and all that is negative. (Gienger p114)

Hematite's iron content is a conductor which allows it to absorb  and retain heat. 

Is Hematite a super star? This day and time, we say "Heck Yeah!" 


Negative people put us in a bad mood. We try to avoid them but sometimes cannot. Being around them creates a heavy sometime anxious feeling. Sometimes even, we just awake with the same feelings, in a heavy negative mood. Holding a hematite or carrying one in a pocket can help in absorbing and removing the negative energy and feelings. 

Negativity or "heat" from a serious illness or pathogen can lead to other health issues. We will delve into this a bit deeper below. 

Negativity from EMF's are a real problem today.  WiFi, mobile phones, cel towers, 4G, 5G etc  emit Electro Magnetic Frequencies. How does this affect us, the jury is still out, but most experts believe the effects on us are not good and create health crises. A hematite (large) in every room can help in absorbing these frequencies throughout your living space. Place near computers, modems and mobile phones. The large heart shaped hematites are beautiful and can work with your rooms decor and style. The small hematite hearts drop into a pocket, a purse or a tote near your mobile phone protecting you from emissions. A few placed around the home can make a huge difference if the amount of EMF you and yours absorb daily.  


Hematite is the crystal recharger! Crystal minerals are affected by your energy, reducing their vibrations. Hematite revives them by removing old negativity. If you have crystals around that you have not used or enjoyed in a while place them with hematite, maybe place them all in a small dish together, it will give them new life. All of Ohm's healing crystal baths, remedies and Mineral Diffusing Blends have a hematite bead in each bottle to keep the fresh and charged.   

"Heal one's self from the wounds of the world" (Franks p314)

We have all lived fast, hard, and burning energy until exhaustion. We have eaten on the run, worked until we are run down or sick. We all have 3, 4 or even 5 devices we are checking and charging constantly. We have chronic fatigue, we have deep exhaustion, and we have weakened immunities ripe and vulnerable for chronic disease and large viruses. 

This is where we at Ohm love to talk about Hematite. Hematite can do so much to reverse the "wounds of the world".  

Hematite can absorb the "heat" that pathogens create within the body. While sleeping with a hematite, it can gently absorb the "heat" left behind after any illness. This is not only "fever" during an acute stage of illness, it is the aftermath heat of the body trying to rid the pathogen from itself.  Hematite grounds us so our bodies rest and heal. Improving stamina and endurance allows the body to become stronger and more resistance to diseases. 

Hematite, great for circulation, high blood pressure, lung and kidney issues. It improves liver blood, anemia, boost kidneys and vital Qi.

How to use Hematite

Ohm's Hematite hearts are hand carved in Madagascar, each a little different and all beautiful.

Our 20g hearts are perfect for your purse or pocket. They are perfect to sleep with about 1 foot from your body, hip level. Sleep soundly as your body becomes grounded, releases heat and heals. 

Our large 200g Hematite Hearts are mostly placed on furniture. For the more experienced hematite users these can be used in bed.  They are very powerful and not for a novice to sleep with in the beginning. 

Hematite, an unsung hero of healing. It is so easy to have and enjoy its benefits. It is why the Ohm Crew has them around our homes, in our beds and in our pockets!

We must share our disclaimer that we are not medical practitioners and cannot give medical advice. Crystals used for healing should only be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. For external use only. 








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