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Ohm vs THE Big Lung Virus

One asks, "How could I have this virus for the second time?" "I have been vaxxed, how can I have this horrible virus?" There are a lot of unknowns in this world post 2019, maybe Ohm can help...

Since our inception, we've developed products that help build strength and immunity. We introduced our Mineral Diffusing Blends in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic targeting respiratory health and wellness. As needs arose we created additional easy to have on hand products that are small with no expiration date.

In this blog post, we make recommendations of a regimen "what to use" and "when to use" our products at the onset of a lung virus. As always, we must share our disclaimer that we are not medical practitioners and cannot give medical advice. Minerals and crystals used for healing should be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. 

If you or a household member have been exposed or has body aches and chills the everyone needs to begin using Catch & Release Mineral Diffusing Blend as soon as possible, 24/7, for as long as anyone is acutely viral. This encourages the body to fight, nourishing the immune system with minerals and sea salt via the nasal passages. We also recommend if anyone has an extreme cough, fatigue or any other Viral symptom, continue use of Catch & Release until symptoms fade (2-3 weeks) to prevent a relapse. 

Mineral inhalation is an age old practice for good health. This blend should always be in your Medicine Chest. 

Fever. When the body temperature begins to rise it is time to include Severe Mineral Diffusing Blend or Severe Topical Mineral Blend into the regimen. Severe (either format) was crafted to urge the body to battle the pathogen.

Malaise. Today's illness' are difficult to fight. Red (Fire) Opal and Pink Calcite (Mangano) urge the body to fight the melancholy, the malaise these viruses bring. The big viruses need a big fight, rolling over on the sofa and napping is not going to be enough as it may be for a common cold.

Severe Diffusing Blend, use for a couple of hours in between Catch & Release Mineral Diffusing Blend is an easy way to treat multiple people. More targeted, Severe Topical Mineral Blend is used on the lower back of the neck and around the sides of the neck 2 or 3 times a day. This blend in either format should always be in your Medicine Chest. 

The assault on the lungs takes its toll during and after a respiratory virus or illness. Supporting the lungs from the onset helps keep them oxygenated and moist. After+Boost Topical Mineral Blend crafted with Amber and Amethyst is known to support the lungs. Amber strengthens the soul of the lung.  Amethyst used as a lung mineral

  • promotes the absorption of oxygenated air and restful rhythmic breathing
  • helps regulate fluids in the upper airway passages
  • supports lungs/airways in mornings (Lung time 3a-5a) just before dawn

Begin After+Boost at the first sign of a lung virus or illness, use up to three times a day. The tiny bottle is a literally lifetime supply. It is a perfect addition to every Medicine Chest. 


Ammonite and Amethyst mineral crystals are also important additions to this regimen, especially at night. Sleeping with a large Ammonite on your neck, under your ear and a large Amethyst around or on your chest supports the body while it is healing. The comfort level they can provide is immeasurable.  A Clear Quartz  on the lower back of the neck stimulates the immune system to fight the virus and amplifies the benefits of Severe Topical Powder.

Hematite mineral crystal should be in every house in every room. It absorbs EMFs daily and doubles as a power house healing tool where you are sick. During and after the virus use the big heart shaped Hematite directly on your skin. The low back of the neck is a great place to put it while lying down or sleeping. Other great locations on the body are on the waist while sleeping on your side, especially the right side or try it resting on the hip bone. Use Hematite for weeks after the virus subsides for residual symptoms, joint aches, head aches (low back of the neck) coughing (right side of waist).  

While you may crave Chicken Soup be sure to drink plenty of Coconut water every day. Coconut water is the BEST fluid to replenish moisture in the lungs combatting the lung virus dry cough. It hydrates, naturally, the other affected organs (kidneys) helping them to fight the virus and heal. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! Any grocery store brand will do. 

 After the fever breaks and the war on the virus subsides don't let your guard down, your lungs are going to need support for a while. Lung Fatigue Mineral Diffusing Blend  provides powerful yet gentle lung support to dry, battle fatigued lungs. This blend can be diffused all day or night (for weeks!) to support and moisten the lungs as they heal. Great to use if even the smallest thing (talking, laughing, dust, food) makes you cough.  

Post Big Virus fatigue can be a real and debilitating problem. The lymphatic system could be clogged with viruses and need some assistance ridding itself of its load. Clean Mineral Bath is a great go to once a week to help with this problem. 

Headaches and hair loss following these large illness events are not uncommon. We recommend Pulse + Aloe. Applied at night, 3+nights a week, onto the scalp, focusing on the path from the forehead to the nape of the neck, 4 inches wide. We also find it helpful to use Pulse+Aloe daily all over the body, especially if you are not using our micronutrient Mineral Baths.   

Another likely symptom post illness is Brain Fog. If in the days and weeks following if you are having word recall issues or Brain Fog, we suggest using KA-POW! 1 or 2 times a day until the issue resolves itself. Use it across your entire forehead and/or the back of the neck.  

Post viral joint issues, hot achy hands, feet, and knees have been reported and are a big problem. J.A.D.E.  rubbed into the affected joints, as instructed or in Aloe, will cool the joint and relieve the pain.  


We believe this simple regimen can help everyone during the world variant stage. We speak from (and recovered) experience, begin using Ohm minerals at the onset of symptoms! 

Hope these heal all they touch ❤️

Ruth recently wrote an article on TCM + Lung Health in YogiApproved.com. The article is a quick read with lots of information. 



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