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Mineral Water, Hathorn Spring, another step in "Taking the Cure"

The Mineral Waters of the Saratoga Springs area of Upstate NY have been well known for their curative powers. For eons, the masses have flocked to the area to "Take the Cure".  Hathorn Spring, located in Downtown Saratoga Springs is no exception. Even in -4 degree weather its carbonated waters overflow from deep earth, bringing up in the water the best of the earth's most curative minerals. 

Remineralization of the body is so important and should be more widely celebrated. A major or minor illness, and everyday stresses, can deplete the body of minerals even down to the mitochondria in your cells. Our tap water is stripped of its minerals in an effort to keep it clean and safe, so we do not get minerals in our common water. We do absorb many various minerals by swimming in the ocean, if only we could do it more often... 

My experience...

Needing to be remineralized after 2 very serious illnesses, I sought the curative power of Thermal and Mineral baths. When in the USA, you do this in the Saratoga Springs area of Upstate, NY.  There are so many mineral springs in this area, they have a "Spring Tour" so you can see them all and learn the curative power of each. Hathorn is one of the most intriguing to me. 

Hathorn and I go back a couple of years. At first, even the Aroma was so strong and wow, the taste.  I was so drawn to Hathorn of the many Springs in Congress Park, Downtown Saratoga. I really wanted to like it. The first few times visiting Hawthorn I drank a shot or two, it was tough but I kept coming for more.  Next time, I managed three shots, and nowadays I love a full glass. It just makes me tingle all inside as the Healing Minerals slide down and absorb into my body. I can feel the Positive effects and feel my body being Remineralized as it goes down. Every trip to Saratoga I drink a glass everyday. 

I do love soaking in the Baths at the Roosevelt Baths Spa. Minerals Baths, soaking in water steeped with deep earth minerals, allows the body to absorb naturally these minerals from this potent source.  I drink the Spa Tap Water. Drinking this Mineral Water allows the body to absorb the minerals internally. I love it all! I drink from the other springs in the Roosevelt State Park and all over Congress Park and Downtown Saratoga, AND now I can drink whole a glass of Hathorn ,the King Daddy of flavorful, healthy mineral waters! 

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We must share our disclaimer that we are not medical practitioners and cannot give medical advice. Crystals used for healing should only be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. ♥︎Ohm

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  • I have used multiple baths from OHM, and this is my all time favorite! The first time I used this product I could feel the electric charge in the water immediately. I could feel every single nerve relaxing one at a time, and I swear that bath was the start of something. I now take a Saratogian bath at least once a week! If you have not tried the bath powders before, I suggest you let this be your introductory product. You will keep coming back for more, I promise!

    Tiffany Daniele

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