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Knee Hip Ankle PAIN!

@Ohm we do not Pain. We do not tolerate Pain. Whether it is overuse, over exercise, injury, post surgery, replacement, or Arthritis, we just DO NOT do Pain! If you are in Pain, be like us. We have the answer.

Knee. Your knee could hurt from overuse now or when you were younger, lack of cushion, Arthritis Osteo or Rheuma, an old injury or tear. Even post replacement. Fix it, really fix it! 

Hip. Same as the knee. Really, just a different location.

Ankle. Same as knee and hip. Really, just way down at the bottom.   

We have SEEN it with our own eyes work and change lives!!

... Rotate through Re•Gen•R•8@Ohm, MoveAgain@OhmNo✦Paining@Ohm 

Use these products topically in a rotation.

NoPaining@Ohm really helps inflammation and is designed to relieve pain when it is also caused by another body system creating pain i.e. Gallbladder, Liver etc. Use once or twice or even three times a day.

MoveAgain@Ohm formulated to relieve Arthritis. Use a couple of times a day

ReGenR8@Ohm. WOW. A stand alone. Use it a few times a day. It will renew those old joints. Really. 

At first hit, it hard with many rotations on the problem with all three products. Then, once you are not in Pain rotate RegenR8@Ohm and MoveAgain@Ohm once or twice a day as needed. 

Very Strongly Suggested... Use with a Blue Apatite ♥︎ Energy Rock, sleep with or carry in your pocket during the day. It is a nice compliment to the Energy Powders. ALSO get a Herkimer Diamond for your pocket, either from Ohm or another source. The Herkimer Diamond will ensure that your forward progress in your joints will hold and not back slide. A soft rock albeit strong and powerful, can sometimes not have staying power. 


We must share our disclaimer that we are not medical practitioners and cannot give medical advice. Crystals used for healing should only be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. ♥︎Ohm


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  • I have use the Ren-Gen and the No-Pain for my aches pains and they work wonders!!
    I broke my ankle and it has developed arthritis. Using these products have healed so much of the pain, that I don’t have to really use much anymore!!! I am a firm believe in my minerals…………….

    Allyson West

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