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KA-POW! Why it works so well!



One of Ohm's tried and true absolute favorite products. How and why is it so amazing? It's ingredients... 

SrSO4 Celestite

aka Celestine, delicate blue in color, is a beautiful, soft but heavy mineral. Strontium Sulfide should not be mistaken for radioactive Strontium. Strontium occurs naturally, found in the healthiest mineral waters in the world and is a much needed trace mineral for strong bones. 

Celestite is known to create a connection metaphysically to open communications to a higher frequency, facilitator of deep meditation and clarity during chaos. Celestite calms the mind by dispersing unfounded worries, giving you mental clarity and clear and fluent communications skills. this mean anything to us physically? Yes. 

Putting the science to it Ohm discovered studies in the UK, working with calcium, Strontium encourages release of neurotransmitters and the proper functioning of the neurons. Other studies have shown similar signal transduction in cells and is necessary for neurons to release neurotransmitters in the brain, these minerals play an important role in the areas of the brain responsible for storing and retrieving memory.

We added Herkimer Diamond to make the effects last, staying power so to speak. Herkimer's, always double terminated are said to increase vim and vigor, stamina and energy which can help you endure rigorous physical activity. Herkimer's, known to assist in retaining and recalling information. It also helps with sharpening your focus and mental abilities. 

Every morning get your neurotransmitters going, your vim and vigor firing...

Put a little KA-POW! on your Brow!


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  • The Ka Pow is great! Especially if you’re trying to get through morning or afternoon. Or if you’re doing a task that requires extra focus!!!

    Vanessa Grigg

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