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Catch & Release Anti Sick Mineral blend

Last December, 2019, my husband and I had a blistering lung ailment. Not the flu but a "cough until you die" type of lung virus. It would not let up, we tried everything, he western me eastern meds. 

This is why I created the obvious, a salty mix of healing minerals for the diffuser! Mother Nature's idea of healing in the air!! Tweaking it for illness, born was Catch & Release Mineral Diffusing Blend. After the first night of diffusing with it we were so much better. We alternated with Elements blend and Ohm+ holistic mineral bath Minerals+Tigers Eye to strengthen us.  To finally be over it was a miracle.  

Catch & Release blended with Sea Salt in any oil Diffuser! A powerful healing experience!

Mineral Diffusing Blends

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