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K-9 Pulse • Micronutrient Vibrational Blend
K-9 Pulse • Micronutrient Vibrational Blend
K-9 Pulse • Micronutrient Vibrational Blend
K-9 Pulse • Micronutrient Vibrational Blend

K-9 Pulse • Micronutrient Vibrational Blend

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Micronutrient  🐾  Vibration

Pulse  As only Ohm can do, we captured a central point of energy in a select group of minerals with maximum micronutrients and vibration. An all-over dusting of Pulse blend several days a week will fortify the health and stamina of your K-9 (or Feline) as the skin absorbs this incredible blend into the body. 


The Micronutrients Crafted from only soft minerals, easily absorbed, Pulse blend is a blend of Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Strontium, Lithium, and Manganese into healing dust. Dusting into the fur, the skin takes in each needed micronutrient allowing the body's systems to pump the nutrients throughout the body.   


The Vibrations Like the Pulse in arteries, an electrical impulse, the science of mineral vibration is fundamental. Atoms in a mineral crystal structure bump into one another, in a unique frequency, create an individual vibration. As the skin absorbs the vibration of each mineral, the effect on the body's organs and meridians are unique. Pulse captures a balanced vibrational effect is imperative for a healthy micronutrient experience.  


Pulse Functions ... Hard Science Studies have shown numerous positive health effects from absorbing unique element micronutrients. Pulse minerals were chosen and balanced to boost and replenish nutrients... 

  • Biotite - Potassium, Iron and Magnesium, AKA "Iron Mica" for healthy blood
  • Blue Calcite - Calcium, strong bones, joints, and connective tissues
  • Celestite - Strontium, healthy neurotransmitters, and strong bones
  • Rhodochrosite - Manganese, Collagen synthesis, healthy heart and liver
  • Lepidolite - Lithium, healthy nervous system, anxiety, nervousness, allergies, and skin issues


  • Dust 1/2 a scoop all over 4-6 x a week.
  • .15cc scoop included 

epiVibe®   Patented Process

Our K-9 clients like to pick the healing minerals they need each day. K-9's have instincts as to what their bodies need and when. If you allow them to press their muzzle to the bottle, they are not sniffing the bottle, they are feeling the vibrations of the minerals. After they decide if it is right for them or not, they will lick or bite at the bottle as "Yes!" or walk away as "No!". It is amazing to watch.   

Our healing mineral crystal powder formulas are all packaged in a "Self Charging Bottle". Each has a hematite bead nestled in the powder to keep the crystals charged, healing and fresh.  

.125oz    24+ scoops |  Biotite, Blue Calcite, Selenite, Celestite, Rhodochrosite & Lepidolite Crystals

Our holistic K-9 products are used and approved by Dr Laura Way, DVM. We are a sponsor of the AHVMA, American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

We must share our disclaimer that we are not veterinary practitioners and cannot give veterinarian advice. Crystals used for healing should only be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular veterinarian care. ♥︎Ohm