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Mineral Diffusing Blend ❖ Elements
Mineral Diffusing Blend ❖ Elements
Mineral Diffusing Blend ❖ Elements
Mineral Diffusing Blend ❖ Elements
Mineral Diffusing Blend ❖ Elements
Mineral Diffusing Blend ❖ Elements
Mineral Diffusing Blend ❖ Elements
Mineral Diffusing Blend ❖ Elements

Mineral Diffusing Blend ❖ Elements

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Basic Elements Every Body Needs

Ohm uses the theory of Minerals as Medicine to deliver micro minerals to the body through the skin and nasal passages. Our epiVibe™️ Mineral Diffusing Blends are crafted with pure mineral powder + Bretagne Sea Salt. 

Diffusing our Elements Diffusing Blend

  • Vastly improves the desired benefits of Collagen supplements 
  • Nourishes and encourages bone health 
  • Targets brain function, memory, and creativity
  • Combats Oxidative Stress

Elements Mineral Diffusing Blend created to boost the immune system, micronutrient absorption, and restful sleep. It infuses the body and lungs with needed healthy minerals. As you breathe in Elements with sea salt, heals your lungs and clears disease-causing pathogens. 

Elements blend, a formula designed to chemically match nature's most nutritious mineral waters in Germany. When you breathe in this diffusing blend, prepare to absorb much-needed elements. Using the body's ability to absorb micronutrients through the skin and nasal passages, this formula provides a balanced supply of hard to absorb "in the digestive system" trace elements.  Elements is formulated with minerals containing important macro and micronutrients like Magnesium, Calcium (Blue Calcite), Potassium and Magnesium (Biotite), Iron, Lithium (Lepidolite) Strontium (Celestite), and Manganese (Rhodochrosite). 

Studies have shown these Micronutrients improve...

Our Elements formulation is based on the geochemistry and waters of Rhenish Massif of Germany, an area of ancient bath spa towns, including Bad Kreuznach & Wiesbaden. The practice of Balneotherapy, the medicinal use of mineral water to treat disease, has been used in this area dating back to the ancient Romans. These effects are felt through the skin and nasal passages. This healthy water heats deep in the earth, rises through the area's geologic fault zone, mineralizing, to become the area's thermal waters. 

In Bad Kreuznach,  mineral water is mist into the air for the public and passerby to breathe in these healing mineral waters as a mist. Nearby in the historic Salinental Valley, are many enormous "Graduation Towers", 27ft tall and .7 miles long. For more than 400 years, thermal mineral water has been pumped up and trickled down these structures allowing the valley's winds to blow salt and healing minerals into the air, creating Europe's largest open-air inhalatorium. 

Unlike modern dry salt "halo" rooms and caves, our all-natural blends create sea water-infused mineral aerosol experience.

Mineral Diffusing 3 Blend Box


  • Add 1/2-1 teaspoon to 1 quart H2O, let steep, add to any diffuser (oil diffuser)
  • Use at night or as needed
  • Initially use 1/2 teaspoon, increase if you'd like to 1 teaspoon, gradually
  • For all-night use, 200-300ml capacity diffuser, less capacity for children and pets
  • Enough blend for 12-24 quarts
  • If you'd like, add essential oils to our mineral diffusing blends
  • Additional instructions and use ideas   "How to" & Reviews on The Healing Space Blog
  • epiVibe™️ Patent Pending

Salinental Valley, Bad Kreuznach


Our gently ground, powerful healing mineral crystal powder formulas, are all packaged in a "Self Charging Bottle". Each has a hematite bead nestled in the powder to keep the crystals charged, healing and fresh.

Ohm's Mineral Diffusing Blends  

2 oz  |  Makes 12-24 quarts  | Bretagne Sea Salt, Blue Calcite, Biotite, Celestite, Green Calcite, Lepidolite & Rhodochrosite Crystals

We must share our disclaimer that we are not medical practitioners and cannot give medical advice. Crystals used for healing should only be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. For external use only.  ♥︎Ohm






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