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Blue Apatite
Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite

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Blue Apatite is a great healing stone. If you have hurt your back, knee, ligament or tendon, Blue Apatite can help your part heal. Blue Apatite is a great organ healer and should be used at night to heal major organs. Blue Apatite is also known to help you crave very healthy food and thus you lose a bit of unwanted weight.
It loves to be with other blue stones at night, Blue Calcite, and Blue Lace Agate. Re-Charge in the moonlight.

Carry all day in a pocket, place on an injury, or sleep with at night with Blue Calcite and Blue Lace Agate

Blue Apatite and Knee Pain

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We must share our disclaimer that we are not medical practitioners and cannot give medical advice. Crystals used for healing should only be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. ♥︎Ohm