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Ohm Pool & Spa

Pool & Spa  Turn your pool or spa into an Old World thermal bath or mineral pool by dosing it with Ohm's Healing Minerals. 

Our Ohm Holistic Bath formulas are so powerful, used in a Pool or Spa, it takes a tiny amount of this powder to populate water with healing minerals. This suspension of minerals mimics what takes Mother Nature thousands of years to create in natural mineral water. In only a few minutes you can take a soak in what is an "as close to authentic as it comes" spa mineral water bath in your own Pool or Spa. Healing and Selfcare the Ohm way. 

Safety  Ohm's mineral are ground into powder, smaller than most grains of sand. Use in a Pool or Spa is safer than use around beach sand.  

Instructions    Use 8-12 scoops per 500 gallons  Ohm Holistic Mineral Baths  .5oz

Pool Gallon Calculator

Multiply the length and width, then multiply the average depth, multiply by 7.5.

For Example:

8'x10' Deck Pool 4' deep

8x10=80 80x4=320 320x7.5=2400

2400 Gallons

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  • This idea would be absolutely amazing! Especially if you had a pool party!

    Vanessa Grigg

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