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K-9 Joint Rescue


When your best friend struggles to stand or grimaces when he moves, just does not get around as well as he should and it just pains you to watch him move. Old or young dogs can be subject to debilitating joint, back and vertebrae issues. 

My own experience...

Oscar, my Pug, 11 yrs, one day just could not walk. I am sure it was not all of a sudden but the pain was too great and he could not bear it anymore.  He quivered from the pain and his eyes watered. His XRays of his discs, vertebrae and hip joints showed a very GRIM picture with degeneration and very little hope for much quality of life without debilitating pain.

Before then, I never dreamed that our Ohm products would save my sweet Oscar. Unable to watch him in such pain, I was desperate... I began to treat him with this particular selection of Ohm products originally made for humans. AMAZINGLY he is now living a VERY VERY normal life. After just 1 day of using Ohm, Oscar was so much better. Then in a week after we started the Energy Powders on his affected areas, he was playing and running about with his Pug Brother Jack...he did back slide a bit here and there, overdoing stairs, playing and running etc. BUT now Oscar is strong, his muscles are bigger, filled out, Oscar looks and feels FANTASTIC!

Products in this small Dog Box ease pain of inflammation and rejuvenate even the most stubborn debilitating joints. Not like a RX that masks the pain, our fusion of products "heel" the pain. 

DogBox@Ohm Arthritis, Joints, Back, Vertebrae


Use a small pinch of powder, dust in a line from the top of head to the tail along the spine Daily until pain is relieved. Then every other day for continued inflammation relief. 

Alternate with NO✦PAINING damaged vertebrae or degenerating nerve 2x a day until movement is better. 

Use a very small pinch for Arthritis on each affected joint daily until better. Use every other day until completely well or as needed.

Dust a small pinch of powder all over body 1 or 2X a day for all over WELLNESS. You will notice more energy in your dog. Use every other day when dog is well. 

•Blue Apatite•
Sleep with every night, recharge often under running cold water. 

•K-9 Herkimer Diamond   

The Herkimer Diamond strengthens the progress the powders make while amplifying their purpose. Wear on collar, recharge often on ReCharge@Ohm
We strongly suggest a larger K-9 Herkimer Diamond as a Bed Rock.

•These products are also sold individually on the K-9 Heeling page.

•NO✦PAINING   K-9 Re•Gen•R•8  K-9 MoveAgain  K-9 WELLNESS                         K-9  Blue Apatite   K-9 Herkimer Diamond

 To Dos

We do recommend some healthy fresh vegetables for your K-9 everyday. Cooked and raw vegetables help rebuild their systems. Beets, Cauliflower, Squash (winter) Sweet Potato, Eggplant. 


We must share our disclaimer that we are not veterinary practitioners and cannot give veterinarian advice. Crystals used for healing should only be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular veterinarian care. ♥︎Ohm

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