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body fertile™️ ✚ Fertility Health for ♀ & ♂

An ideal and nurturing nest is built with robust bones, healthy muscles, and vital connective tissues. The interior is free and clear of Oxidative Stress, protected by a fearless immune system, and connected by an excellent nervous system. At OHM, producing a nest for the perfect hatch is an effortless objective!  
We build core nesting components using natural mineral powder absorbed through the skin. hatch mineral blend is exclusively designed for the perfect hatch within the female body, targeting mineral deficiencies left behind from a world filled with stress, toxins, and viruses. 

Think of a pool on a hot summer day full of swimmers enjoying the cool water, some freestyling, a few lifting out of the water doing the butterfly or gliding about backstroking, moving freely in a crowd. Sadly, this is not in your vision when you review your sperm speed, count, and morphology. Is the not-so-pretty view of your swimmers few and far between, slow and abnormal, or immobilized? At OHM, head to tail, we will re-shape the swimmers in your pool!

We rebuild core production components using natural mineral powder absorbed through the skin. swim mineral blend is exclusively designed to improve the male's ability to produce well-formed and robust swimmers, targeting mineral deficiencies left behind from a world filled with stress, toxins, and viruses. 

vagus male & female ⚤ vagus nerve mineral blend
The nervous system is a delicate mix of components, structure, and electricity. Damaged and unhealthy Vagus nerve cells hinder neuronal communication, impairing overall function, including the communication amongst the components of the reproductive system.  
We believe one must start at the cellular level to obtain healthy communication in the nervous system. As only OHM can do, we create blends made from unaltered minerals to be applied through the skin. vagus is a unique blend of minerals that work in concert to reboot nerve cells to reestablish healthy communication within the system.  

What they do… ♀ & ♂ 

  • hatch & swim are made from natural minerals, ensuring maximum effectiveness
  • The trace element Manganese fires SOD Enzyme to clear Oxidative Stress
  • The trace element Manganese is responsible for collagen and other vital protein absorption
  • The trace elements Copper, Manganese, and Zinc work together to promote a healthy nervous and immune system
  • Trace elements absorbed through the skin bypass a burdened gut 

Why hatch & swim mineral blends are different… ♀ & ♂

  • 100% External therapeutics
  • Uniquely balanced for the female & male body
  • Absorbed through the skin, promoting health benefits throughout the body
  • Unlike any other supplement, they contain only natural, unaltered minerals with trace elements, providing maximum electro-physical benefits

    vagus, the details... 

    Studies show... Manganese, Mn and Zinc, Zn are integral in nerve cell function. If provided in a methodical and balanced order, natural unaltered minerals provide biochemical reactions within the components of the nerve cell.


    How they are used… ♀,  ♂ , & ⚤

    • OHM powerful minerals are packaged in a small .125oz glass tub with a scoop
    • hatch & swim are available boxed, regular size .125oz + 4oz Aloe Gel Bottle (pump & flip tops) or as regular size .125oz (refill)
    • hatch & swim may be used as a mineral bath 3-5x/Week or as a bath alternative, they are mixed into Aloe Gel and applied to the entire body daily. 
    • vagus is used 1-2x/Day or as needed 

    Each body fertile™️ product is blended with unique gems and minerals for female and male fertility health. More information, mineral ingredients and science, about each is available on the individual product pages.

    We must share our disclaimer that we are not medical practitioners and cannot give medical advice. Minerals & crystals used for healing should be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. For external use only. 

    ♥︎ Ohm

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