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All for the Little Ones: K9 Holistic Health

I don’t know about you, but my furry friends are more than the most loyal of family members. They’re often sage advisers who offer wisdom and more calmness than the most potent anxiety medication.

So, when my 14-year-old Boston terrier developed a thyroid condition recently, I was worried that she didn’t seem like herself. With her condition being treated, she still lacked energy and I started looking for natural remedies to supplement her medical care. That’s when I found the healing rocks and minerals of Ohm. I started with a morning dusting of K9 Wellness and an evening dose of Saratogian, which mimics the Saratoga mineral baths of New York. While luxuriating in the healing waters of a Saratogian soak is heavenly, my wise little girl isn’t keen on lingering in the bath!

I started noticing changes in her behavior almost immediately. Within days she was looking forward to her daily dose of minerals, jumping up with excitement whenever I offered them to her (she figured out they weren’t snack quickly enough, but that didn’t stop the excitement.)

I became curious about adding some of the healing crystal stones to her bedding to accentuate the effects that I was so encouraged to see. With a little advice from Ruth @ Ohm, we settled on Ruby Tourmaline to support her endocrine system and circulation, and Blue Lace Agate to help clarify toxins in her system.

I’m happy to report that Molly has more energy than ever, is getting back to her daily routine, and feels great. It looks like now I’m the proud owner of an Ohm Dog!

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