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  • “Two things: First, the OHM minerals for Vagus nerve are miraculous! The first 2 days, right after application, I had lots of pain going to the clavicle on the surgery side but it went away in 20 minutes or so – After the second day, the tendon or nerve pain in my forearm and hand diminished, and today is barely noticeable. Not only that, but the Schisandra Dreams, and I imagine combined with the Adrenal Balance, have given me a full night’s sleep since I started taking them. This has not happened for me but rarely for years, but totally impossible since the surgery. Thank you soooo much!”

    Client Testimonial
  • Vagus Sum has been a game changer in an ongoing quest to retrain my nervous system out of the migraine pattern. Ever since my first application, it’s as if I have slowed down several notches internally while maintaining good energy externally. That slowing down immediately resulted in an increase awareness and ability to make sense of and manage triggers and treatment more efficiently. This is a blend with so many possibilities.

    Nell Carr-Young
  • Descartes is famous for his cogito ergo sum. Well, vagus sum has similar high flying cachet because it really does sooth and ground the inflamed nerve fibers. Make sure you follow the instructions to a t to get maximum benefit from this great product.


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