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  • Everyone is raving about collagen these days. The real secret is found in collaboration with the elements bath. My skin has become more youthful and has gained elasticity which is so fantastic!

    Ellen Stringfellow
  • I have been taking Elements baths for two years. I love how I sleep and the energy it gives me. I have recently added collagen into my daily routine, marine and bovine, and WOW! My skin is amazing ❤️

    Sherri Floyd
  • I have been using this product for 2 years and I would not take a bath without it . It is so easy to use , i just sprinkle a little elements in the bath water while I am filling up the tub. After soaking for ~20mins I am so relaxed and “grounded” . The element minerals help with sore muscles and recovery. I also love that this product is so pure. I have done a lot of research on other mineral products and they all seem to add fillers or perfumes. Amazing Product !!

    Anne Rasmussen

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