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K-9 Move Again • Arthritis Remedy
K-9 Move Again • Arthritis Remedy
K-9 Move Again • Arthritis Remedy
K-9 Move Again • Arthritis Remedy

K-9 Move Again • Arthritis Remedy

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             Joints • Shoulders • Hips

Arthritis, is a painful joint disorder and the causes of your K-9's arthritis can include, wear and tear on joints, an injury or genetic factors.

Our K-9 MoveAgain is a ground mineral formula rubbed topically into fur and onto arthritic joints. Based on ancient theories we developed a simple fragrance free formula to ease your K-9's arthritic pain and discomfort whatever the cause. 

Practitioners have theorized  too much heat and blocked pathways as causes arthritis, to reverse these issues, heals the body. 

Barite is known to clear heat and gently break up energy blockages and thought to balance internal energy flow.  For this reason we used it in MoveAgain. Barite is said to bring needed water, hence moistening, to a location. 

Manganese a trace element in Rhodochrosite makes it a perfect and significant component of MoveAgain. Thought to clear heat, inflammation of the nerves and calm the Shen. It is perfect to help calm arthritis maybe even clear painful joints. Rhodochrosite brings needed circulation and fresh blood to an area.

Working with the next component Lepidolite, together they try to improve these areas. Lepidolite, is said to help with physical pain due to degenerative diseases. As Lepidolite is a mica it is said to help with tissue regeneration.   


  • Use 1 or 2X a day on affected joints for a couple of weeks
  • Reduce to 1 X a day or as needed

Welcome AHVMA Vets! Please contact us for a pre-conference complimentary sample of Al❀R❀G and Madness!

Our K-9 clients like to pick their healing minerals they need each day. K-9's have instincts as to what their body's need and when. If you allow them to press their muzzle to bottle, they are not sniffing the bottle, they are feeling the vibrations of the minerals. After they decide if it is right for them or not, they will will lick or bite as at the bottle as "Yes!" or walk away as "No!". It is amazing to watch.   

Our healing mineral crystal powder formulas are all packaged in a "Self Charging Bottle". Each has a hematite bead nestled in the powder to keep the crystals charged, healing and fresh.  

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.125oz  |  Barite, Rhodochrosite & Lepidolite Crystals

Our holistic K-9 products are used and approved by Dr Laura Way, DVM. We are a participating member and sponsor of the AHVMA, American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

We must share our disclaimer that we are not veterinary practitioners and cannot give veterinarian advice. Crystals used for healing should only be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular veterinarian care. ♥︎Ohm