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Fifth Dimension ⛅️ Meditation Minerals
Fifth Dimension ⛅️ Meditation Minerals
Fifth Dimension ⛅️ Meditation Minerals
Fifth Dimension ⛅️ Meditation Minerals
Fifth Dimension ⛅️ Meditation Minerals
Fifth Dimension ⛅️ Meditation Minerals
Fifth Dimension ⛅️ Meditation Minerals
Fifth Dimension ⛅️ Meditation Minerals
Fifth Dimension ⛅️ Meditation Minerals

Fifth Dimension ⛅️ Meditation Minerals

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Fundamental Forces of Gravity
Ohm's Holistic Meditation Minerals deliver micronutrients and vibration directly through the skin creating a dynamic and positive energy flow harmonically encircling the body. Deep and grounding Meditation is affected by each powerful ground mineral.

"There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition" – Rod Sterling
Grounded Spirituality
Many Spiritualists believe it is a manifestation of spirit and wisdom shifting from the Third Dimension to the Fifth Dimension of Consciousness. We created Fifth Dimension to fulfill a meditation time and space where the body is grounded, open to the intuitive subconscious of spirituality and physical healing. 
Situate in a quiet space while applying Fifth Dimension. As you finish softly smoothing the minerals on the final location, the body begins to feel the experience. The feet relax into the gravity of the Earth. The low back, Root Chakra begins to release tension and stress allowing natural energy to flow. The chest, the Heart Chakra frees and dynamically connects to the Root Chakra. The Crown Chakra opens connecting to the Heart Chakra forging a strong connection between them. 
The Journey
Relieving nervousness, anxiety and hypertension begins the journey into a new dimension. Amber Calcite clears heat from the liver and supports the Defensive Wei Qi. Pink Calcite~Mangano opens the Crown Chakra aligning it with the energy of the Heart. Establishing a heart-kidney connection has an intentional use of cultivating channeling and meditation.
Lithium-rich Lepidolite, infuses this blend with natural lithium nourishing the nervous system. Amber works in tandem with Lepidolite to calm the nervous system. Amber influences the release of stress from emotional events and grounds us in the present. 
The Oldest Earth
Stromatolite, a fossilized microorganism, 1.25 billion yrs old represents the earliest emergence of life on earth. Metaphysically, it brings forth strong deep earth vibration and the whole of earth's powerful energetic surroundings. It encourages the dynamic energy flow within the body to wake up and connect to natural intuition. Stromatolite urges instinctual thinking and intellectual manifestations for us to be leaders for the greater good of all the world. 
Gravity & Anchor
To finish the experience we capture all benefits of anchoring Emerald strengthening the heart and heart chakra. As Emerald increases greater meditation, the improved concentration promotes virtuous wisdom. Improving unity and love with everyone that surrounds you, Emerald will encourage living life intensely and joyfully. 
The Wisdom of Understanding
The experience of Fifth Dimension exists in the present, in the Third Dimension. The mind enjoys moving from consciousness to calmness. The Chakras flow and re-learn to communicate. Like the Earth's vibration, the body's energy circulates through it.


  • Use 1/2 scoop total and rub into
  • Lower back 
  • Sternum 
  • Bottom of feet
  • Under the belly button
  • Meditate

Our healing mineral crystal powder formulas are all packaged in a "Self Charging Bottle". Each has a hematite bead nestled in the powder to keep the crystals charged, healing and fresh.  

.125 oz  Selenite, Amber Calcite,  Mangano~Pink Calcite, Stromatolite, Amber, Lepidolite & Emerald Crystals

These products were developed under the guidance of Dr Heiner Fruehauf, a world-renowned professor of holistic medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

We must share our disclaimer that we are not medical practitioners and cannot give medical advice. Crystals used for healing should be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. For external use only. 

♥︎ Ohm