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dharma ✚ rose quartz   libido remedy
dharma ✚ rose quartz   libido remedy

dharma ✚ rose quartz libido remedy

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    dharma~the principle of cosmic order ✚ Rose Quartz

Our dharma topical libido remedy, increases the energy of loving and being loved by opening the Pericardium and the Conception Vessel meridians, powerful love energy centers.

Now, dharma ✚ the Queen of Love Energy, Rose Quartz have joined to create a potion to make things a little more exciting, a little more stimulating, a little more enjoyable and we love it!

Ancient practitioners theorize by opening the flow from these powerful energy centers, your own natural Libido can be released as an emotional and a physical response. Follow the instructions to open your love energy powerhouses!


  • Dust tip of "middle" finger
  • Apply to opposite palm below "middle" finger on both hands
  • Dust the Sternum
  • Then dust below belly button downward
  • Redust for each location
  • Literally enough for several years

dharma ✚ Rose Quartz has a little boost to energize the kidneys. After energizing the kidneys, it then boosts "love" through the Pericardium and Conception Vessel meridians.  

Our healing mineral crystal powder formulas are all packaged in a "Self Charging Bottle". Each has a hematite bead nestled in the powder to keep the crystals charged, healing and fresh.  

.062oz  |  Barite, Rhodochrosite, Chrysocolla, Optical Calcite Crystals ✚ Rose Quartz

These products were developed under the guidance of Dr Heiner Fruehauf, a world-renowned professor of holistic medicine at National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

We must share our disclaimer that we are not medical practitioners and cannot give medical advice. Crystals used for healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. For external use only. 

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