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Mineral Diffusing Blends ❖ 3 Blend Box
Mineral Diffusing Blends ❖ 3 Blend Box
Mineral Diffusing Blends ❖ 3 Blend Box
Mineral Diffusing Blends ❖ 3 Blend Box
Mineral Diffusing Blends ❖ 3 Blend Box
Mineral Diffusing Blends ❖ 3 Blend Box
Mineral Diffusing Blends ❖ 3 Blend Box

Mineral Diffusing Blends ❖ 3 Blend Box

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Ohm's Minerals as Medicine approach delivers micro minerals to the body through the skin and nasal passagesepiVibe™️ Mineral Diffusing Blends are fragrance free, crafted with pure mineral powder + Bretagne sea salt, used in any oil diffuser, release lung healing sea salt minerals into the air.

    Allergy ❖ Elements ❖ Catch & Release

Elements Mineral Diffusing Blend created for lung health, infuses the lungs and body with needed healing minerals. As you breathe in Elements with sea salt, heal your lungs and clear disease causing pathogens. Dr Thomas Ferkol, President of the Thoracic Society, believes breathing salty sea air supports these claims of lung health, healing and disease prevention. 

The formulation of Elements is based on the geochemistry of Rhenish Massif of Germany, an area of ancient bath spa towns, including Bad Kreuznach & Wiesbaden, dating to the ancient Romans. Beneath, the mantle plume heats the ancient waters, they rise into the geologic fault zone, mineralizing, and becoming the area's thermal waters.

AL❀R❀G formula, ground healing crystal minerals, AL❀R❀G, with the power of Orange Calcite and Fuchsite, formulated to blast allergens, combined with sea salt in our Mineral Diffusing Blend. Diffuse in an easy to use essential oil diffuser. Breathe your allergies away!

The dogs of Ohm love this Mineral Diffusing Blend. use for a couple of hours around them for easy K-9 Allergy relief!

Catch & Release "Catch a Virus, Release a Virus", a theory practiced for centuries by ancient practitioners, of how the body deals with lung virus and illness.

Ohm crafted this blend with the most powerful anti-viral, anti-microbe and immune building mineral crystal micronutrients. Gem Medicine practitioners have used minerals to treat illness for thousands of years.

  • Green and Pink~Mangano Calcite for their anti-viral traits
  • Fluorite traditionally heals and supports the lungs and lung function
  • Rhodochrosite a powerhouse in illness recovery to aid in wellness.
  • Blue lace Agate, praised as the "Release" mineral, engages and "releases" the virus
  • Malachite rebuilds, adds vitality and strength while encouraging the body to fight the virus
  • Herkimer Diamond, like all quartz is an amplifier, enhances the other minerals, the bodies healing systems and immune system  

Instructions for all three

  • Add 1/2-1 teaspoon to 1 quart H2O, let steep, add to any diffuser (oil diffuser)
  • Use at night or as needed
  • Initially use 1/2 teaspoon, increase if you'd like to 1 teaspoon, gradually
  • For all night use, 200-300ml capacity diffuser, less capacity for children and pets
  • Each blend jar is regular size 2 oz. about 12 teaspoons, enough blend for 12-24 quarts
  • Additional instructions and use ideas "How to" & Reviews on The Healing Space Blog

Ruth recently wrote an article on TCM + Lung Health published in YogiApproved.com. The article is a quick read with lots of information. 

We must share our disclaimer that we are not medical practitioners and cannot give medical advice. Crystals used for healing should only be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. For external use only.  ♥︎Ohm