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New Moon New you

Tonight (Friday, April 5, 2019) as we enter into the phase of the New Moon it marks the start of the next lunar cycle of 2019. It is believed that the New Moon is a time for reflection on your life and manifestation of your desires. This is the perfect time to kick old habits that no longer serve a purpose to your wellbeing. Take some time to think about what you want, and write it down. The first step to achieving what you want in life is to put pen to paper! Did you know that the Awesome Ammonite crystal sold by OHM can help you focus and hone in on what your intuition has been trying to tell you? The Celestite crystal, is known for its ability to help you focus, and bringing clarity to your mind, using either of these would boost your brainstorming capabilities tonight; if you would prefer to use a dust instead of holding onto a crystal, then may I suggest the Pow!Powder? If your goals are in the love arena you might want to use a Rose Quartz crystal, as it has been widely accepted to bring self-love and easing heartbreak. Maybe you are one of the lucky people who have been blessed and already found your true love, but the comfortable phase of your life has brought on some unwanted weight. If your desire is to lose weight then having the Crocodile Jasper crystal or the Blue Lace Agate crystal could help you obtain your weight loss goal. Crocodile Jasper is known for its detoxing properties while Blue Lace Agate is accredited with cleaning your organs, weight loss and craving healthy foods! I personally love my Blue Lace Agate from OHM, it really has helped with curbing my late-night sweet tooth!

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