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Neck, Shoulder, Tension

...it is a small little bottle that packs a punch! Nek✸Ake@Ohm can be used often, several times a day as needed. 

Customers tell me that they feel a "tingle" from their shoulders down their back. Some say they feel the knots crackling as they are breaking apart in their shoulders. Others have felt the area around their spine loosening immediately. Either or all, most importantly are getting relief from pain in their neck and shoulders. If they had a slight headache, most felt relief from the headache too. 

Nek✸Ake@Ohm is designed to relieve blockages or "tension" in 4 meridians; Bladder, Gallbladder, Small Intestine and the Governing Vessel, which runs through the shoulders and back of the neck. Targeting each meridian, if needed, can help support each corresponding organ and relieve the pain a "blockage" can cause in any of the 4 meridians.  



  • I’ve had neck problems since a car accident in college, and I also sit in front of a computer all day. I use this product religiously and although I still have some pain and stiffness, it is NOTHING like it used to be. Highly, highly recommend!!!

  • I LOVE this product! I hold my stress where my neck and shoulders meet. The pain just knots up and eventually causes a migraine headache! I have suffered with this cycle from age 8. I have tried multiple medications, and relaxation techniques but nothing helped. Until now! When I start to feel the stress pains, I simply dust my shoulder tips and the base of my skull and within 15 minuets my pain starts to fade away! A feat multiple pain medications and muscle relaxers were unable to do! Surprisingly, I have also noticed since using this powder that if I have a migraine I can use it, with the headache powder and some lavender oil and the migraine will go away in record time! I would definitely recommend this to anyone with migraine headaches and/or stress tension!

    Tiffany Daniele

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