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Sleep. Sleep escapes most. Some never really sleep. Some sleep a bit then awake. 

We have made most people sleep most of the time, drug free, pill free, just sleep. After years of life the body's organs can start reacting to stress, chemicals, and diseases. The Kidneys and the Liver are the two main culprits of unrestful sleep. 

Kidneys are funny this way. We run around in our crazy lifestyles depleting them and not nourishing them. Our ➼ZZZ@Ohm help raise their function. Functioning Kidneys help sleep and energize your body in so many ways.

Liver reactivity is a bit tricky. If you do to much to the liver it can react more i.e. detox. If you wake in the night 1-3 Standard time, you probably have an angry Liver. AfterWork@Ohm and WELLNESS@Ohm baths are design to calm the Liver, hence a more restful sleep. 

If you fall asleep but awake in the night, try your ➼ZZZ  even if you have had an Ohm bath in the evening. 

Blue Calcite Energy Rock is also a great sleeping tool. Throw one in your bed, under the pillow, on your stomach or just hold it at night...Blue Calcite's gentle pulse will help you sleep.


 To Do's and Eat

Liver Foods... try them you may love them and your Liver will love you! Okra, Eggplant🍆, Beets, Cherries🍒

Kidney Foods... Easy Peasy. Navy beans, Lima Beans, Lentils, Goat Cheese🐐, Cilantro. Soup them🍵, Humus them, Salad them, Just eat them.   


  • I cannot LIVE without ZZZ. I have chronic sleep issues: trouble falling asleep, waking up 3-4 times a night, etc. ZZZ is a game changer!! I keep it by my bedside and dust it on the bottom of my feet at bedtime. Now I only wake up once a night, I fall asleep easier, and I feel so much more rested the next day. Anyone with sleep issues MUST try this!!!

  • After dealing with a pretty tramatic breakup, I found myself unable to sleep. I tried everything, to include sleeping medication. I would only sleep about three hours at a time per pill. After discussing my sleeping problem with Ms. Ruth, who also knew the backstory regarding the breakup, she suggested that I try the ➼ZZZ powder at night, while using the Blue Calcite Energy Rock and to see if this combination would work better than the medications. I am so glad that she did! By using various bath powders in combination with the Blue Calcite and ➼ZZZ powder I was finally able to sleep through the night! I do not have to use this combination as often now, my system is more balanced than it was directly after the split. I still sleep with the Blue Calcite every night. I highly recommend that people who are fighting the no sleep battle give this a try!
    Tiffany Daniele

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